Clear Reflective Laminated Argon Low-E Insulating Glass

Quick Details

Glass type:Tempered glass,Frosted glass,Refletive glass etc.
Color:Clear, Bronze, Grey, Blue, Green, Amber, Purple, Orange, etc
Aluminum strip width :6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,16mm,20mm
Insulating gas:Air or argon
Glass thickness:16mm and 44mm
Thickness tolerance:±0.2mm
Min dimension:300 X300mm
Max dimension:2400X5000mm
Holes or cutout:Drawing or Sketch Needed
Printing:Roller printing or screen printing available
Packaging details:Plywood Pallet or Upon Request
Applications:Building, furniture, decoration, bathroom, kitchen, etc

Product Description

Insulating glass is a high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive for two or more sheets of glass. The glass is bonded to the spacer frame containing the desiccant to form a composite glass product that seals the dry gas chamber between the glass. Insulating glass products can be processed and customized for more than 5m.
Energy saving, comfort, insulation, noise reduction, anti-condensation, reducing indoor air convection;
If it is filled with special gas such as argon gas, it can further improve the heat insulation and sound insulation performance and reduce the heat transfer coefficient;
Insulating glass coated with a LOW-E film layer can more effectively block radiant heat energy.