Clear Vacuum Insulating Glass For Freezer Glass Door

Quick Details

Function: Heat Absorbing Glass, Heat Reflective Glass, Insulated Glass, Low-E Glass
Shape: Curve, Flat
Structure: Hollow, Solid
Technique: Clear Glass, Tempered Glass
Thickness: 12-100mm
Layers: 2 and more
Size: customized
Application: Freezer Glass door
Material: insulated glass
Package: wooden crate
Applications:widely used in curtain wall, door, window, icebox

Product Description

Vacuum glass is a new type of glass deep processing product developed based on the principle of thermos. The structure of the vacuum glass is similar to that of the insulating glass, except that the gas in the vacuum glass cavity is very thin, almost close to the vacuum.
Product features: energy saving, heat insulation, sound insulation
Working principle: heat transfer mechanism, sound insulation mechanism
Gap: 0.1-0.2mm
Product advantages: 1. Low carbon energy saving 2. Thermal insulation 3. Sound insulation and noise reduction 4. Keep away from condensation 5. Better lighting